Serge Hollerbach has written several art instruction books, and published multiple collections of his artwork. Some examples are shown here. Recently Serge wrote a new memoir -- "My Life in America" -- available exclusively on this website.
  • My Life in America

    An autobiographical journey - exclusive to the Serge Hollerbach website.

  • New York on My Mind

    Memoirs of a Displaced Person - The New Review Publishing, 2015.

  • New York Notebook

    A Memoir, in Russian - The New Review Publishing, 2013.

  • Composing in Acrylics

    This basic instructional guide demonstrates a range of techniques and applies them to several compositional genres.

  • Dogs and People

    This uncomplicated little book brings an altogether new and different perspective on the relationship between people and dogs.

  • The Beach

    "For me, the beach is a tableau vivant, encompassing an assembly of fascinating characters."

  • The Street

    "Poverty fascinates the eye, even as the artist understands the suffering it causes."

  • Sketches

    "Sketching is my love and my favorite pastime. It is also an integral part of all of my artistic activities."